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Authentic Japanese tattooing has been a huge influence on Western tattooing for centuries. Artists like Horiyoshi III of Yokohama, a modern day tattooing Rembrandt whose prominence is unmatched, is highly regarded in the tattooing industry as a whole and epitomizes Japanese traditional tattooing.

Stan Lee is WOW'ed by Jeremy Garrett's Tattoo Work!

At the 15th Emerald City Comicon the Comic Book Godfather, Stan Lee, was introduced to the work of Jeremy Garrett, Gotham's Inkslinging Superhero, donned by tattoo collector, Dave McCrory.  Lee's reaction in one word, "WOW!"

Mr. McCrory stated that Stan Lee and his entourage were very very impressed with the tattoo and he captured the experience in video.

Garrett's reaction? 

"I couldn't be more proud.  I am overjoyed to know The Stan Lee was impressed with my work and even went so far as to sign it.   That is just awesome!  This is a cherished honor.  You've made my daughters very proud of their old man. Thank you Mr. Lee."

- Jeremy Garrett

StanLeeSigned my work lowres