Frequently Asked Questions


Can one who is under 18 get a tattoo?

Not at Washington Custom Tattoos! You MUST be at least 18 years old with proper I.D. (drivers license or passport). It is against Washington State Law to tattoo minors, with or without parental consent. Jeremy Garrett firmly believes in this law and has always abide by it.  Jeremy Garrett is a professional and respectable tattoo artist and will not tattoo minors under any circumstances.  No exceptions in regard to this matter, so please do not send email about it. It will be deleted.


Will it hurt?

Usually, depending on the individual. The most sensitive places tend to be on the inside of your arms and legs as well as the stomach area.  If you have a low pain tolerance speak to your doctor about getting a pain killer to help you deal with the pain; however, Jeremy will not tattoo anyone under the influence of illicit drugs.  Do not use any type of topical anesthesia on your skin before getting tattooed, these can effect the healing process and final appearance of the tattoo.


How much does it cost?


Every tattoo is different and the prices vary. There is a minimum charge of $250 that covers the basic setup of equipment, sterilization and most small i.e. 2"x2", single color tattoos. All other designs will be charged an hourly rate.  Jeremy does not negotiate his rates.  If you are not able to afford the tattoo you want he recommends that you wait until you can, instead of settling for something less than you had in mind. Reducing the size or quality, or trying to rush the process will only disappoint you in the end. A tattoo is a lifetime investment, get the one that will make you happy in the long run.


Do I need to make an appointment?


Absolutely.  Jeremy works by appointment only. It is recommended to set up a free consultation appointment to go over your piece and discuss the fees involved.  If you have sketches, photos of objects or designs that you like please bring them with you to the consultation appointment.


Can you design my tattoo or do I have to bring in my own design?


Jeremy does custom work only and in his artistic style. This means he does not copy the artwork or photos of other artists. If you would like to provide him with your artwork, or other photos and designs to be used as reference that would not be a problem. It is his opinion that the whole tattooing process is a deeply personal experience and this should be reflected in your tattoo.


Does Jeremy charge a fee to design a custom tattoo?


Yes, he charges a minimum design fee to do one detailed sketch with one possible revision (a complete do-over or other revisions can be made once an additional minimum fee is secured). This will be discussed in more detail during the consultation appointment.  It is not an illustration fee to purchase renderings or designs and it does not go towards the actually cost of getting the tattoo. It is specifically used to compensate him for time spent drawing.  Upon receipt of the design fee ALL details of your design must be finalized and submitted in writing within 48 hours.


If I like the design but want a few changes could I see this or would I have to pay another design fee?  Would you be able to make any adjustments if needed?


Jeremy will draw up a detailed design for you based on your written description, which will give you a clear representation of what you'll be getting tattooed. If there is something that you would like altered he will do that for you. An example of what a revision is would be adding horns to a demon that has none or changing a sword that it's carrying to a mace. Based on this example he would not have to redraw the illustration only make minor changes to it. On the other hand, if you look at the design and say “I don't like the way the demon looks, instead of having him standing I want him seated”. This would not be considered a revision but instead a do-over because he would have to draw the whole thing over, instead of just revising an element of the drawing. For a do-over or more than one revision, you would be charged another design fee. For this reason you must write down specifically what you want during the consultation appointment. Even if you are willing to give him complete freedom with the design, it is recommended that you write down a list of things you like or wouldn't mind having in the design and things you don't like or absolutely wouldn't want in the design. It is not a cost effective situation when clients describe what they want and he creates a design based on their description only to have the client continue to request alterations.  This would be extremely time consuming with little or no returns on his time invested; therefore, only one alteration (as previously described) will be permitted free of charge.


How long does it take?


Tattooing is a slow tedious process where there is no room for mistakes. There is no absolute time frame; however, most tattoos the size of a playing card can be done within a two hour session.  Backs and full sleeves, in most cases, take at least 30 hours to complete.  There are many factors involved in getting tattooed and it is impossible to give an exact time frame.


Is there anything I can do to prepare for my new tattoo?


One very important thing you can do is not drink alcohol at least 24 hours before or after you get tattooed.  Alcohol can cause you to bleed heavily while getting tattooed and even afterwards, this can flush the ink from the skin.  This can result in a light washed out looking tattoo.  Wear loose fitting clothing, ones that you do not mind possibility getting stained with ink.  Eating well and having juice or other drinks with a high sugar content before getting tattooed will help you with the pain and from becoming light headed during the tattooing process.


How long does it take to heal?


The surface of a fresh tattoo with proper care usually takes only two weeks to heal. Sometimes the new tattoo may have a hazy look around the two week period and should go away within a month. Occasionally, some people may experience slight bruising or sensitivity around the general area of the new tattoo.  If this occurs allow a few days more for these conditions to subside.


How should I take care of my tattoo?

Tattoo Aftercare LinkA comprehensive care sheet will be provided to all new customers and it can also be found here. Generally caring for a tattoo is easy. After first receiving a new tattoo one should keep the tattoo covered for about three hours. Then the bandage should be carefully removed and the area gently cleaned with soap and water. Immediately afterward, a thin layer of triple antibiotic ointment (or Aquaphor healing ointment if you are allergic to triple antibiotic ointment) should be applied for two to three days and reapplied as needed to keep the area from becoming infected or dry.  After the initial two to three days of using the triple antibiotic ointment switch to Aquaphor for two weeks. One should avoid swimming or immersing the tattoo in water for any prolonged period of time. New tattoos often itch and sometimes may develop a scab; however, it is imperative that one should refrain from scratching, picking, or wearing anything that may continually rub the tattoo. This could damage the tattoo at best and scar the area at worse. The tattoo needs a two week undisturbed healing period to properly set. If the itching is unbearable ice can be applied to the area for relief. Exposing the tattoo to the sun without sun block is never a good idea, no matter how old it is. The sun can and will slowly fade your tattoo.


I was told by another tattoo artist that after getting tattooed I should just use lotion, is this okay?


Jeremy recommends using a triple antibiotic ointment or Aquaphor healing ointment because the tattoo is in the healing stage from day one until about two weeks. The worst thing that could happen to a new tattoo is the possibility of it getting infected.  A triple antibiotic ointment will guard against infection. Lotions do not help in fighting infection and can actually harbor bacteria.  Lotions are great to use after the initial two week healing period.


Will Jeremy touch up my tattoo at no additional charge?


In most cases Jeremy does not offer free touch ups.  Tattooing is a living art and everyone's skin unique and the tattooing ink may react differently from person to person.  There is no way to guarantee exact and completely consistent results.  Furthermore, all tattoos will look different after the healing process.  Pigments in the skin move, shift and fade with time.  This is normal and should be expected.  Also Jeremy approaches his tattooing work similar to a fine art painting.  He builds up gradations and color blends slowly and reworks areas as needed.  To keep from causing too much trauma to the skin, often times this has to be achieved through multiple tattooing sessions.  This technique allows the skin time to rest and heal, resulting in a long lasting tattoo that is very rich and densely colored.


Is it true that red ink causes an allergic reaction?


All inks can potentially cause allergic reactions depending on the person. It is probably true to say that warmer colors are usually responsible for this occurrence; however, it is extremely rare. The vast majority of tattooing inks are made from non-toxic pigments. Jeremy uses the highest quality, reputable, time tested inks available. If you are prone to allergic reactions, perhaps consider starting with a very small tattoo to gauge your body's response. If you do develop an allergic reaction or any other type of infection, you should visit your doctor immediately. While allergic reactions to tattoo inks are very rare, if it happens and is left untreated it can damage the tattoo, lead to infection, scaring and or greatly increase the healing process.


What you can expect by choosing Jeremy Garrett as your tattoo artist:

  • Jeremy is a tattoo artist licensed in both New York City and Washington State.  He has been trained by the NYC Department of Health as well as by the CDC in proper sterilization techniques and infectious diseases.  He is a certified body artist who has completed the rigorous OSHA Blood-borne Pathogens Course.

  • You can trust that you will be worked on in a clean environment using only sterile equipment and of course single use needles and ink cups. Why? It is not only for your protection but for the artist's as well.

  • Confidence that you will receive a tattoo beyond your expectation from an artist who sets the standard in custom tattooing.

  • As the customer you will be treated with the utmost respect in a relaxed, non-pretentious, private studio.

  • Your project will receive 100% personal attention from Jeremy to insure your vision will be met.

  • You will be tattooed by an award winning artist with over two decades of professional tattooing experience (not simply a tattooist whose worth is based on how many tattoos they have).