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You’d think the U.S. military, in all of it’s wisdom doing things like forcing its troops to march in red high heels, wouldn’t have a problem with visible tattoos. Oh no, we can’t have any sort of individuality showing up in our troops. No, we must first degrade them and then teach them to all conform like good little commies. Get out of here with that nonsense!

Jews Rebelling in Droves at the Tel Aviv Tattoo Convention.

It makes perfect since that if you want to rebel against the Granddaddy of religions, spit in the eye of God and thoroughly piss off your Jewish mother then you should make your way to the Tel Aviv Tattoo Convention and have your skin etched as soon as possible.

Currently underway, the Tel Aviv Tattoo Convention is celebrating its third year thumbing its nose at the Torah’s prohibition against being tattooed… that is if you are Jewish. Evidently the event is a huge success and Jews of Israel are rebelling in droves.

Historically Jews have been known as a stiff necked people. We are famous for our rebellious ways against God and His commandments. We are the original rebels. If anybody has made an art of rebellion it’s us Jews. The Torah is full of stories of plague, leprosy, fire raining from the heavens and all kinds of death visited on the Jewish people for their rebellious ways. You’d think we would eventually learn, but evidently you can kill us in all sorts of horrible ways but you’ll never kill our rebellious souls.

If you’re planning on traveling to the Holy Land for your spiritual vacation, be careful walking too close to any Jews tattooed with anything other than numbers on their forearms. You never know when a massive mouth may split the earth and devour that Hebrew hipster walking next to you. If it can happen to Korah, it could happen to you. Now that’s pretty awesome imagery for a tattoo... A giant gnarly mouth gorging on a hipster.